2013. november 7., csütörtök

New concept for tha Book Publisher -Rabbithole

New logo design for -National Accident Prevention Committee

I had the pleasure to work with the national accident prevention campaign committee of two poster campaign. So I had a desire to redesign their logo.
So it is.

2013. szeptember 26., csütörtök

Damjanich street, where I live...

Since 2006 I live in the seventh. District Damjanics street where the houses built more than a century ago, several generations lived and a major player in the Hungarian cultural life. Frigyes Karinthy, Imre Antal, Ervin Kibédi, Gábor Eötvös. Who are my neighbors today: Ákos Birkás -painter, Miklós Peternák -media theorist, Edit Sasvári -art historian, Katalin Aknai -also. It has long been employed to introduce my street this interesting dimension.